Peppermint Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

Hot Cocoa Cookies are like a mug of cocoa in cookie form! These rich, chewy chocolate and peppermint cookies are stuffed with marshmallows, dunked in chocolate and sprinkled with crushed peppermint.

Let's Bake Some Hot Cocoa Peppermint Cookies...

Step 1: Make the Cookie Dough. Cream together butter and sugars in a large  bowl. Mix in the eggs, vanilla, and peppermint extract. Mix in the dry ingredients, and lastly mix in the chocolate chips and crushed candy canes.

Step 2: Stuff the Cookie Dough Balls. Scoop a portion of the dough, roll into a ball, and lightly flatten with an indent.

Place a marshmallow in the center, and fold the cookie back up around it so the marshmallow is peeking out.

Step 3: Bake the Cookies! Roll the stuffed cookie dough balls in granulated sugar, and place on a baking sheet.