Sweet Potato Casserole


Sweet Potato Casserole has a creamy filling sweetened with brown sugar and maple syrup. It’s topped with a crunchy and sweet pecan streusel, and will fly off of plates at your Thanksgiving dinner!

Let's Make Sweet Potato Casserole!

Here are the easy steps...

Step 1: Cook your Sweet Potatoes. I recommend cooking in the Instant Pot for 10 minutes. Then cool and mash in a bowl.

Step 2: Mix Up the Filling. Combine melted butter, milk, cinnamon, brown sugar, eggs, and sweet potato mash.

Step 3: Make the Pecan Streusel. Whip up flour, brown sugar, soft butter, cinnamon, and pecans in a food processor.

Step 4: Bake the Casserole. Spread the filling in a 9x13 dish and sprinkle on the pecan streusel topping.