bailey’s chocolate fudge

bailey's chocolate fudge

I’m in full-on Christmas mode here, so bear with me as I share ALL THE CHRISTMAS FOOD! And by bear with me, I actually mean get excited with me because today I’ve got something extra special going on – Bailey’s Chocolate Fudge!

Look at that chocolate goodnessΒ πŸ‘†πŸ»Β BRB while I face plant into that pan of fudge.

I started making this a few years ago for Christmas and I instantly knew it would become a Christmas tradition. I’m weird like that.

bailey's chocolate fudge


I have good reasons for making this an instant-tradition though —

  • It’s super easy to make
  • This recipe makes a LOT of fudge, which means easy gifts for neighbors, friends, and co-workers
  • It’s LOADED with chocolate
  • It’s got Bailey’s which (in my opinion) livens up any dessert!

bailey's chocolate fudge

So remember back there when I said fudge is really easy to make? You’re probably thinking whatttttt?!!?

Let me reassure you – this fudge is totally doable! However, here are some helpful tips to ensure an easy breezy fudge-making experience for you.

  • Read the recipe carefully before you start
  • Measure all your ingredients out before you begin making the fudge
  • Use a LARGE mixing bowl (this does make quite a bit of fudge)
  • Use a non-stick pot

Don’t be intimidated – you can totally pull this off. I believe in youΒ πŸ’ͺ🏻 And, when you’re finished you’ll have lots of yummy Christmas goodies to snack on and a lovely treat to gift to loved onesΒ πŸ’šβ€οΈ.

bailey's chocolate fudge


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Bailey's Chocolate Fudge
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: About 70 pieces
An easy-to-make fudge that's loaded with chocolate and a splash of Bailey's - perfect for the holidays!
  • 4½ cups granulated sugar
  • 12 oz evaporated milk
  • 1 stick butter
  • 24 oz milk chocolate chips
  • 12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 14 oz marshmallow creme
  • 1½ tsp vanilla
  • ⅔ cup Bailey's Irish Cream
  1. NOTE: When making fudge, it's important to read the recipe carefully and have all your ingredients and utensils out and ready before you begin - once the fudge is cooking it's important to stir it constantly to avoid burning and to move quickly so you can get the fudge in the pan before it starts to harden.
  2. Add all the chocolate chips, the marshmallow creme, vanilla, and Bailey's to a LARGE mixing bowl. No need to stir or mix. Set aside.
  3. Line a 9x13 baking dish AND an 8x8 baking dish with foil and spray well with non-stick cooking spray. Yes, this recipe makes that much fudge!
  4. Keep the pans and the bowl with the chocolate in reach - once the fudge is ready to be poured into the pans you need to move fast.
  5. In a medium saucepan, combine the butter, evaporated milk, and sugar. Bring to a gentle boil over medium heat. Once it starts to boil, let cook for 10 minutes while stirring constantly. If you don't stir constantly it may burn.
  6. Once the 10 minutes is up, pour the mixture into the bowl with the chocolate. Stir quickly to combine everything. Once the mixture is smooth, pour it into the prepared pans. Smooth the top with a spatula if desired. Let the pans sit out for about an hour (or until the pan is relatively cool) and then cover the pans with foil and transfer to the fridge. Cut into squares once completely cool.
  7. *NOTE: This recipe makes a lot of fudge - about 70 small squares worth. Cut the recipe in half if desired and just use one 9 x 13 pan. If you're not into Bailey's that's fine - just omit it!


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  1. Love everything about this recipe, and yes, it has Christmas written all over it! My sisters would love this, they also buy Bailey’s to drink during the Christmas holidays!

  2. I love the mini Bailey’s!! So adorable. And I’m also in full Christmas mode haha no worries. Your pictures are making me want to go through the screen and grab a piece! πŸ™‚

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