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Thanksgiving is almost upon us (hooray!) but that also means – yep, you guessed it. The holiday shopping season has arrived. Well, it will arrive as we are wrapping up our dinners of turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casseroleand of course, chocolate pecan bourbon pie.

I love the holidays, but I have mixed feelings about the holiday shopping season – the “I have so many people on my list and so few ideas about what to get for them” season. I feel that – every year.

And who wants to spend these precious pre-Christmas days (the most magical days) in the mall – when you could be walking through a snowy wood, picking out a Christmas tree, sipping hot cocoa by the fire, etc. Not me. Nope. No thank you.

So, we (Grant helped 😉 ) put together a gift guide to help you find that perfect something for all your special people. The best part – all of these items can be purchased from Amazon – which means you can do your holiday shopping while cuddled up in front of the fire, sipping hot cocoa, wearing comfy pj pants + warm slippers. YES. so much yes. And if you’re me, it also means you’re watching Home Alone for the 473rd time.

It also means that if you have Prime, your gifts will arrive in a short 48 hours. Perfect for the procrastinators among us👌🏻

We hope this gift guide helps simplify your holiday shopping so you can have a little extra mind power to focus on the joys of the season – family, friends, and snow (let’s hope!).


Silicone Utensil Set | Bon Appetit Magazine | Food Processor | Cast Iron Pan | Flaked Sea Salt | Salt Box | Ninja Professional Blender | The Mac + Cheese Cookbook | Dutch Oven | Electric Cordless Kettle | Godiva Chocolatier Gift Box | KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer | Smitten Kitchen Every DayCheese Board | Silpat Nonstick Baking Mat | Jelly Roll Pan | Cheese Knives | Instant Pot | Nordic Ware Crown Bundt Pan

My Faves:

Dutch Oven: Probably the most versatile piece of cookware I have in my kitchen. You can make sooo many things with it, and I suggest starting with this Chicken Gnocchi Soup or this Homemade Applesauce.

Flaked Sea Salt + Salt Box: Do you want to take all your baked goods to the next level? The answer is yes. I use this on muffins and cookies often – like on these Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. The salt box is the perfect way to store your salt stash.

Instant Pot: We’ve all heard of this by now, but it is worthy of a mention. You can make simple + healthy dinners in under an hour (under a half hour in some cases) and it’s got 7 cooking functions to cover all your food bases. Try this Instant Pot Salsa Chicken once you inevitably find one of these in your kitchen.

Smitten Kitchen Every Day: This is/was probably the most anticipated cook book of this year, and rightly so. It’s filled with creative, delicious and amazing looking recipes for, well, the every day. I’m expecting this book from Santa this year 😊.


Everyday Purse | Pearl Earrings | Essential Oil Diffuser | Plaid Infinity Scarf | L’Occitane Shea Butter Set | Knit Beanie | butter LONDON Rockin’ Royals Lip & Nail Set | Succulent Pots | Insulated Travel Mug | Fossil Watch | LORAC PRO Palette | Nike Running Shoes

My Faves:

Insulated Travel Mug: This is the only travel mug I will ever use. When I make tea/coffee/hot cocoa and put it in this mug – it stays HOT for HOURS. It’s magical.

Knit Beanie: I wasn’t a “hat person” until a friend gave me a hat like this for Christmas a few years ago. It keeps me soo warm in the winter – and it’s cute.

Succulent Pots: Brighten up your desk/bedroom/living room/anywhere with these adorable little pots.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Set: Perfectly-sized hand creams to keep at your desk/in your purse all winter long. Quenches dry skin like a charm.


Amazon Fire Tablet | Nintendo Switch | Nikon D3400 | iPhone Case | iPhone 7 Plus | Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker | Mini Polaroid Camera | Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker | Bluetooth Headphones | FitBit | Super Mario Odyssey | Camera Bag

My Faves:

Camera Bag: Because we all need a stylish + functional bag to keep our camera and equipment in!

Super Mario Odyssey: It’s like Super Mario for grownups. The graphics are amazing and Grant is already obsessed with this game.

Mini Polaroid Camera: Probably the most fun device you will ever own. It’s perfect for capturing fun photos of any type of event (we got some amazing shots from our wedding) or for capturing everyday memories.

Nikon D3400: This is the camera we use + love for all our food photos! Need I say more?

Christmas Puzzle | Candle Tray & Votives | Plush Throw Blanket | Balsam & Cedar Candle | A Charlie Brown Christmas | Ticket To Ride | Warm Wool Socks | Snowflake Cookie Cutters | White Christmas | The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog | Ghirardelli Gift Basket | Michael Bublé Vinyl | Pickle Ornament

My Faves:

Every single thing in this category. But for real —

Pickle Ornament: This is a super German tradition that my family loves. You hide the pickle ornament on the Christmas tree and whoever is the first to find it gets an extra gift (or bragging rights).

White Christmas + A Charlie Brown Christmas: My favorite Christmas movies. Actually, every Christmas movie is my favorite but these are absolute classics.

The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog: This is one of the funniest, most heart-warming books (Christmas or otherwise) that I’ve ever read. My mom gave it to me a few years ago and I re-read it every year!

Balsam & Cedar Candle: Because it’s not Christmas without that Christmas tree smell. Especially handy if you (sadly) don’t have a real tree to create that scent.

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a simple box of homemade treats, such as the best chocolate chip cookies or insanely good pear crumble bars. Gingerbread cookies are always welcome too.

On a more serious but equally important note – thank you. Thank you all for being here + reading this blog and making these recipes. I am thankful for all of you! What I do is worthwhile because of all of you. Grant & I wish you all a fabulous and restful Thanksgiving and holiday season filled with joy ❤️

And don’t try to eat the Christmas ornaments (this recommendation does not come from personal experience 😉)

The links in this post are affiliate links. This means that we earn a small fee anytime you purchase an item using the link we have provided. This does not affect the cost of the items in any way – it simply helps us to maintain this blog + provide more awesome content for you!

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  1. Loving all the gift guides right now! I get so many ideas of the most coveted items that bloggers use in their cooking. I would want the dutch oven from this selection! =D

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